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Hurry...why weight?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tools So You Can be Successful with Your Weight Loss or Maintenance

It's been proven that people who plan their meals and activities in advance are the most successful in meeting their weight goals. Check out WebMD's food and fitness planner and the new WebMD Portion Size Plate . They will give you a personalized target heart rate calculation to help you achieve the greatest fitness benefits and help you to understand serving sizes and prevent overeating for lifelong success!
It's pretty cool, check it out & let us know what you think!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Corporate Retreat Pictures

We first told you about our corporate retreat HERE a while back, but below you will see some of our pictures from our trip!
We stayed here while we were visiting! Below is our view from the patios of our rooms.
Thursday we spent the afternoon driving up and down 17 mile while sight seeing and walking the beach as often as possible! (above & the next 4 pictures)
On Saturday night, we had dinner at a near by golf course lounge with some of the other staff members. From left to right: Roxanne (Indiana), Christina (Indiana), Dr. Schultz (the founder of HNT & Health One), Hannah (the CEO of HNT), Sheila (Program Director of Indiana), Jerry (our technical support go-to-guy), Dr. Ayers (Medical Director of Indiana), Tina Graves (Director of the Remote Support Program & Pennsylvania).
The sunsets were beautiful each night!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care Reform & Nutrition Information

A new law concerning nutrition information, specifically calories, came out of the health-care bill passed on Sunday. Restaurants with more than 20 locations across the U.S. will have to provide calorie counts on menus, menu boards, & drive-throughs! Read HERE in the Indianapolis Star for more information and details.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March is National Nutrition Month (R)

Even though the month of March has almost come to an end, health and weight management will never end. It is still enough time to mention that March is National Nutrition Month (R) and is sponsored by the American Dietetic Association! A month where we, as health professionals, focus on the importance of making informed, concious decisions about food and nutrition as well as encouraging everyone to be more active! This years slogan is 'Nutrition from the Ground Up' or going back to the basics of nutrition.

Click HERE for more information & tips about eating healthy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Cook Vegetables

At HNT, we always emphasize the importance of eating your veggies, but many times, people ask, "How do I cook them?". This is especially true with vegetables that are unfamiliar.

Check out eatingwell.com's guide to cooking 20 vegetables. You'll learn how to shop for, prepare and cook vegetables. It will tell you how to microwave, roast, saute, braise, or steam. Be adventurous and try something you've never eaten before.

We encourage you to try new recipes and eat a variety of different kinds and colors of vegetables. Vegetables are low in calorie density and may help to prevent weight gain. The vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in vegetables may even protect you against cancer. Remember to use the plate method where 1/2 of your plate should be filled with veggies.

Enjoy your veggies!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ideas in Indianapolis to help YOU Lose Weight Faster!

It's getting warmer outside which happens to be a great and it also makes it easier for most people to get in more activity. The weather is nice, but for some people weather isn't a good motivator...people ARE! So why not participate in a summer sports league, a new dance/fitness class, or other available opportunities to be in a group or team setting? Take advantage of these local opportunities to help boost your activity and your weight loss to get YOU closer to your goals!

These opportunities are cheap or discounted compared to commercial fitness/gym memberships. This leaves no excuses for not being able to get activity in daily this spring! Remember that walking parks are always a FREE and great way to increase activity!

Local YMCA's: Go to this website to find out more information about a YMCA nearest to you! The YMCA has lots of activities for kids, teens, adults, and older adults to try to keep the whole family active! You can find anything from group fitness classes, indoor swimming opportunities, summer camps (for kids), and fitness centers in your local Y. Typically you can find lower rates when using the Y, when compared to other chain fitness centers.

Brownsburg, IN: Connection Point Church

Where you'll find great rates on their gym memberships that include anytime access to their fitness center, run/walk indoor track, and group fitness classes. Adult $50/year; Family $85/year. Click here for more information.

Plainfield, IN: Plainfield Christian Church

Where you can find step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, and Boot camp on various days...and the cost is only $1/class. Fitness levels vary in each class, but the instructors work well to provide lower impact and alternative moves for those who need them. Check out their website for more information on days/times/classes.

Greenwood, IN: Greenwood Christian Church

Where you will find FREE strength & tone classes! Other classes offered include cardio kickboxing, total body conditioning, and stretching. Check out their website for more information.

Noblesville, IN: White River Sports

At White River Sports you can find Adult sports including basketball leagues, softball, and golf. Check out the Wellness activities by clicking on the activities below:

If you know of any other opportunities to be active in your community, please comment with the link or details! If you are looking for an activity partner, please let us know and we can find someone with the same interests near your location.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corporate Retreat

We are headed to Carmel, California for our corporate retreat this weekend! Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6 am (bright and early). We have been hoping to see the sun shine, but unfortunately the weather report only shows sunny skies for Thursdays and rain for the rest of the weekend. I guess one day is better than no sunny days! We will return Sunday & will post pictures of our trip next week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Success Story #1: Douglas & Denise

Doug and Denise started their journey with HNT in May of 2009 after attending an information session where he said "the honest approach was very refreshing". He even said that after the program was explained to them they were still skeptical, but they knew they could do it. After this week they will have completed 42 weeks with HNT where Doug has lost 122 pounds and Denise has lost 60 pounds.
When I asked them how long they had been thinking about trying to lose weight Doug said, "Weight management has been a lifetime battle". He went on to say that this was not his first weight loss attempt. "I had been somewhat successful at losing weight before, it was maintaining the weight loss that was difficult."
"I enjoy the group sessions and find that I learn something worthwhile every time. Even if the particular discussion does not interest me, or have any bearing on what I do, I still learn something. The meal replacements have become part of my daily life now and I find that it is even more convenient than fast food ever was. I also like all the Health Educators. I would not have been as successful without the coaching." Those statements represent why Doug enjoys HNT and how he keeps motivated on his weight management journey.
"First and foremost it is the weight loss. But as we have found out, knowledge is a very powerful tool in weight management. Application of knowledge has allowed us to have full control over our weight management. HNT has provided everything that we were missing before. We now have no excuses," said Doug and Denise when I asked them how their lives had been impacted by HNT.
Doug & Denise: BEFORE HNT

Doug & Denise: NOW!!

(Pictures courtesy of Doug & Denise, Carmel, IN)

Stay tuned for more HNT success stories at the beginning of each month to see what our patients have been up to!