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Monday, August 30, 2010

Success Story #6

Bonnie's HNT Story

Bonnie was asked by her physician, Dr. Lisa Miller from Northside Family Care in Indianapolis, to write a paragraph regarding Bonnie's experience with HNT. Dr. Miller will be using Bonnie's write-up on her own blog. Here is what she wrote:

"My motivation for starting the HNT program at St. Vincent [Carmel Hospital] was I was tired of the way I looked and taking so many pills. I like the program because you set your own goal. There was never any guilt because you had a misstep; only positive encouragement. I liked the 'coach' and feel here encouragement and positive reinforcement kept me going. After the 20 weeks of 'Foundation' you start 'Practice.' The weekly meetings talking with others in the same boat and making friends that encourage you is definitely a positive feature. The first 20 weeks you learn how to handle stress, know when you are really hungry, count calories, and a new way of cooking that is healthier. I was never a vegetable eater but have learned how to incorporate them into the meals. The main item is the meal replacements. These can be made into shakes, bread, meals, desserts, and even noodles. You are introduced into 'grocery store food' when you reach your goal. I maintain with a combination of meal replacements and grocery store food. The reason it worked for me was the people involved. There are several coaches and among them you can find the one that works for you."