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Hurry...why weight?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Special

We had our Annual Thanksgiving Special last Tuesday and we had a great time. We enjoyed our love of cooking and making our food appetizing to eat while using the Health ONE Meal Replacement. In case you missed it, here is what you missed out on:

Sheila demonstrating how to make the noodle recipe from Health ONE Potato Soup. After the demonstration, everyone sampled her lasagna that she had prepared in advance to show how great the noodles are in any dish!

Health ONE Pumpkin Roll is a favorite of many HNT employees, so we demonstrated how to make a delicious dessert that would be mistaken for the "real" thing. The patients who tried the sample were impressed with the Pumpkin Roll's great flavor and authenticity. We gave out Health ONE Pumpkin Roll recipe cards to those in attendance so they could try it over the Holiday Season.

After the demonstrations, we tried many recipes made by current HNT patients/staff including: a pumpkin cheesecake, mini corn dog bites, strawberry cream cheese danish, orange delight, German chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, and hot chocolate! They were all wonderful. Thank you to those who brought in their favorite recipes to share.
For those in attendance, we had several drawings and we handed out HNT Rubber Spatulas as a 'Thanks' for coming and making this event special.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Stressed are You?

With the holidays just around the corner, we may be trying to squeeze in as much as possible-which can lead to increased STRESS levels.

Managing stress is an important part of health maintenance, and too much of it can often lead to unhealthy patterns. Practicing relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, and time management are all skills that might help us to better handle stress.

But first, rate your stress levels. How stressed are you? Take this short quiz from the Mayo Clinic to find out, and make sure you read the management tips at the end.

Have a well week,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alex & Stephanie Success Story

Alex and Stephanie are quickly approaching the completion of the 20 week Foundation period and have lost 60 pounds and 37 pounds respectively and are at their goal weights! For the past 3-5 years they have been trying all kinds of other programs where the usual concerns for any 'diet' came into play. They said that getting bored of the limited choices for food, being hungry, and not seeing fast results were all reasons why none of the other programs worked for them.

They were encouraged to join HNT by the success of other participants that they knew and worked with on a daily basis. They wanted to get healthy in order to feel better, keep up with their growing 6 year old twins (without being exhausted) and be a good example to their kids by showing them how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

After joining the program, it wasn't long before Alex and Stephanie were being motivated in their own journeys by successes in weight loss and health. They liked the fact that hunger was not an issue despite the much lower calorie meal plan that they were following. Eating the meal replacements and fruits and vegetables made them feel great and satisfied. In addition to the meal plan, they enjoyed attending class and sharing with others who were struggling with the same situations as they were. "Its much easier to related to someone else who struggled at that family pitch-in picnic and hear their solutions that worked, " said Stephanie.

Now that they have met their goal weights and are beginning to maintain, they are eating less meal replacements and more grocery store foods with success-thanks to the weekly meetings. Before, Stephanie remembers keeping calories low, but not knowing what to eat which meant having a few high calorie and not nutritious foods and stopping based on the calories. This, she describes, left her hungry and cranky until eventually she would give up and eat whatever. Now that she has more direction and guidance about what to eat, she is feeling great about the choices she makes.

HNT has impacted them both greatly:

Alex says that HNT "has totally changed his life". He now has a different perspective on society, his personal environment, how he eats and what he eats. Shortly after joining the program, he began working out for the first time in his life. He loves the way he looks and feels, but most importantly he loves the way he is impacting the lives of those he loves by making healthy choices.

Stephanie "feels awesome, is not as tired as she used to be, can handle stress better now, is wearing a much smaller size and is receiving lots of compliments". She likes having a positive influence on those around her. She brags about changing the last tailgate she attended from a breakfast full of biscuits and gravy to egg beater omelets and turkey bacon and the snacks to fresh veggies and humus rather than cheese cubes and sausage sticks. She said, "no one minded" and "folks even commented on the fact that they didn't miss those fattier foods". She is excited that her kids now beg for apples and plums rather than ding-dongs and candy as their afternoon snacks. They also ask for lettuce wraps on their hamburgers instead of the bun, but not because she told them to, but because they saw her eating one, tried it, and liked it. She enjoys finding active activities for the whole family instead of sitting around and watching movies all the time.

Before HNT- April 2010

Now...November 2010

Nearly 100 pounds lighter between them both!

Way to go keep up the hard work,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Obesity & Late Night Eating

A new study will soon be published that looks at the links between late night eating and obesity. In this study, two sets of mice were given the same amount of daily calories, yet one set was given the bulk of their calories WHEN THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING. The results? The mice given foods while they should have been sleeping had a 48% increase in body weight! Definite conclusions cannot be made, of course, until human studies have been tallied.

And yet, does it make you think about your eating routines? Sleep and weight have been linked to obesity in the past. We've been working on all of these issues in Practice and would love to have you join us!

Have a well week,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Treat our Troops Update: New Jersey

Wow! Just received notice of the whopping amount of candy that HNT New Jersey sent off to Operation Shoebox New Jersey to Treat our Troops today. They were able to send 295 pounds of candy to the Troops overseas! Here it is, below, ready to be shipped out:

That brings the HNT total to 492 POUNDS OF CANDY that was donated. That is the number to beat for next year!

Treat the Troops Update: Durango, CO

The results are in...For those of you who haven't been around HNT in the last couple weeks to see our giant metal bin fill up-we wanted to let you know that we filled the bin with a hefty 73 pounds of candy to donate to our U.S. Troops!

Thanks to each of you who stopped by, and for spreading the word within our community, and to the dentist across the parking lot who donated dozens of mini toothpastes to go with all that sugar!

We are thankful for those who are serving and who have served.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Around the Corner

As the Holiday Season is just around the corner, it's a good time to start thinking about baselines for healthy holiday planning.

Here's one little article that looks at alcohol's effect on overall health-the good and the bad for better or for worse.

Have a well week,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FNCE-Boston 2010

The Expo Floor with tons and tons of vendors with new products to share!
The great city of Boston: It's pretty when its not raining or foggy!

While touring the Expo at the American Dietetic Associations 2010 annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) we stumbled across Lisa Lillien at the Laughing Cow Cheese booth! For those of you who don't know and love her...she is HUNGRY GIRL. In our office we love her recipes! We had to boast about how our practice topic last week just included some of her great Fall swap recipes. As expected-she was grateful. If you haven't ever checked out this Hungry Girl you should on the web HERE! She makes over traditional delicious foods for fewer calories-who wouldn't want to try her recipes? Here we are pictured with her below!

We couldn't say no to a picture with the Laughing Cow him/herself! How cute is it? & who doesn't love the little light cheese wedges for 35 calories each?! A great topping to any Health One Meal Replacement.

We had a great time touring the expo and learning more about weight loss and other nutrition related topics at the conference that we will be sharing with you all shortly. We hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Special thanks to General Mills for drawing Sheila's name for the Kindle drawling! It should be in her possession shortly!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Treat our Troops- a Huge Success

We want to thank all who participated in our first-time-ever candy drive to Treat our Troops and not WAIST Candy! We teamed up with a local dentist and church in donating the candy to the Troops since the amount of candy we received exceeded our expectations. It was a huge success that we were able to donate
124 pounds of candy!

When we are dealing with toxic environments everywhere it's important to make sure that we are setting up the environments we live in for success. This is exactly what strategy was implemented by the patients this year for Halloween. If Halloween candy is left in the house, we are much more likely to have one or two or ten pieces of candy which are typically ~100 calories per 'fun size'. But, removing the candy from our environments whether its work, home, school, etc. is a great start to making sure we can be successful in the choices we are making each day!

Have a great Holiday Season by setting your environments up for success!

P.S. Take a look at our newly painted LOGO on the wall in our office! It looks great!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fluids Are Still Important

Since the long, hot days of summer have dispersed, has your fluid consumption as well? We all know that drinking water is important for our health. But it can be confusing to know just how much we should be drinking.

Here's an article from the Mayo Clinic that gives some good information on the importance of water, and some guidelines to make sure that we're getting the proper amounts.

Have a well week,