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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Special

We had our Annual Thanksgiving Special last Tuesday and we had a great time. We enjoyed our love of cooking and making our food appetizing to eat while using the Health ONE Meal Replacement. In case you missed it, here is what you missed out on:

Sheila demonstrating how to make the noodle recipe from Health ONE Potato Soup. After the demonstration, everyone sampled her lasagna that she had prepared in advance to show how great the noodles are in any dish!

Health ONE Pumpkin Roll is a favorite of many HNT employees, so we demonstrated how to make a delicious dessert that would be mistaken for the "real" thing. The patients who tried the sample were impressed with the Pumpkin Roll's great flavor and authenticity. We gave out Health ONE Pumpkin Roll recipe cards to those in attendance so they could try it over the Holiday Season.

After the demonstrations, we tried many recipes made by current HNT patients/staff including: a pumpkin cheesecake, mini corn dog bites, strawberry cream cheese danish, orange delight, German chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, and hot chocolate! They were all wonderful. Thank you to those who brought in their favorite recipes to share.
For those in attendance, we had several drawings and we handed out HNT Rubber Spatulas as a 'Thanks' for coming and making this event special.

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