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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FNCE-Boston 2010

The Expo Floor with tons and tons of vendors with new products to share!
The great city of Boston: It's pretty when its not raining or foggy!

While touring the Expo at the American Dietetic Associations 2010 annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) we stumbled across Lisa Lillien at the Laughing Cow Cheese booth! For those of you who don't know and love her...she is HUNGRY GIRL. In our office we love her recipes! We had to boast about how our practice topic last week just included some of her great Fall swap recipes. As expected-she was grateful. If you haven't ever checked out this Hungry Girl you should on the web HERE! She makes over traditional delicious foods for fewer calories-who wouldn't want to try her recipes? Here we are pictured with her below!

We couldn't say no to a picture with the Laughing Cow him/herself! How cute is it? & who doesn't love the little light cheese wedges for 35 calories each?! A great topping to any Health One Meal Replacement.

We had a great time touring the expo and learning more about weight loss and other nutrition related topics at the conference that we will be sharing with you all shortly. We hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Special thanks to General Mills for drawing Sheila's name for the Kindle drawling! It should be in her possession shortly!

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