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Hurry...why weight?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Operation Shoebox: Halloween!

No matter what location you are from whether it's Durango, CO or one of the Indianapolis, IN sites or from New Jersey we are all participating and would love to enlist in your help in Operation Shoebox for Halloween. We know that when it comes to meal planning its all about balance and moderation and this would extend to Halloween too! A treat is just that if we enjoy it sparingly. But, with candies aplenty-at work, at home, even at the bank-it may be difficult to treat ourselves mindfully.

Do your part to enlist your friends, family and co-workers for this great event to support our troops. In Durango, drop off your leftover candy between November 1-9, and in Indiana and New Jersey be sure to drop off yours between November 1-7 so that we can send our excess candy to Treat our Troops instead of Tricking our Waists!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you know where your food comes from?

It's always smart to have some idea where our food comes from. Click here for a very informative article that was printed several years ago but includes great history and processing information. The article is on one of the easiest and healthiest "fast foods" around: baby carrots. If you eat 'em, you should read this , it will just take a moment (and thankfully there isn't any bad news in this health story).
Have a well week,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Success Story Update

Shirley, who was featured as our 3rd Success Story here, has maintained her desired weight loss for 17 weeks now with in 2 pounds! Shirley thinks that it is easier to maintain than she had originally expected it to be. She continues to eat 1-2 meal replacements per day so that she has slack for her evening snacks that sometimes include popcorn, wine, and cheese and crackers.

The hardest part about maintaining is fighting the urge to binge at events. She just had her step-daughter's wedding reception at Maggiano's where they had family style service-which Shirley states, "is a killer for anyone". Other than those type of events she is usually satisfied sharing a meal with her husband, see the empty dishes, and be satisfied that she ate food she really wanted.

Shirley's advice for you is to "PLAN, PLAN, PLAN...COOK, COOK, COOK!" Both pieces of advice she claims should be done a week in advance. "Always have food made."

On a daily basis Shirley exercises, records all her foods, and thanks God for all the joys that she now has with her younger grandchildren now.

Since reaching her goal weight she has learned that she doesn't really need a lot of things that she ate before. Now, it's okay to be a little hungry and she mentions that she always had a 'swagger' in her walk and hips, but you just couldn't see it!! She is very excited about her health improvement: At nearly 63 years old, her body and organs are about 56-58 years old according to testing and opinions. Her muscles, strength, flexibility, and balance are all improving. She now has pride in her apperance!

Keep it up Shirley! You have been a pleasure to work with and you look Great!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Farmer's Market

Fall is in the air- crisp air, colorful leaves, and...squash at the Farmer's Market!

Have you "hung out with" a beautiful spaghetti squash in a while? It's not only delicious (and low-calorie), but also a great source of fiber, folic acid, potassium, and vitamin A! You can roast them in the oven, cut and microwave, or even boil your spaghetti squash. Top with tomato sauce, parsley, and Parmesan, or check out this delightful recipe!

Have a well week,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sodium Intake

One of the overlooked but important facets of a healthy and balanced diet is sodium intake. With all the listings and labels, things can get pretty confusing.

Here's a very informative article from the Mayo Clinic that will help to set you straight on your sodium requirements, plus give you some tips on lowering your levels.

Have a well week,

Monday, October 18, 2010

National Conference

Sunday we are headed to the American Dietetic Associations Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston, MA. We are excited to learn about up and coming Food and Nutrition information so we can bring it home and pass it along to you! It's also a chance for us to sample and learn about tons and tons of new food products that will be marketed. Soy, omega-3's, and fiber have been popular in the past couple conferences, so we are excited to see what it's going to be this year.

Thanksgiving Special in Indiana

Wow, can you believe its already nearing the end of Ocotober? That means the Annual Thanksgiving Special is coming soon. Save the date and time for Tuesday, November 23rd at 6:30 pm. The Special event will be hosted in the cafeteria at Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, Indiana to accomodate everyone in the program. Ask your health educator for more information or if you have any questions.