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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Success Story Update

Shirley, who was featured as our 3rd Success Story here, has maintained her desired weight loss for 17 weeks now with in 2 pounds! Shirley thinks that it is easier to maintain than she had originally expected it to be. She continues to eat 1-2 meal replacements per day so that she has slack for her evening snacks that sometimes include popcorn, wine, and cheese and crackers.

The hardest part about maintaining is fighting the urge to binge at events. She just had her step-daughter's wedding reception at Maggiano's where they had family style service-which Shirley states, "is a killer for anyone". Other than those type of events she is usually satisfied sharing a meal with her husband, see the empty dishes, and be satisfied that she ate food she really wanted.

Shirley's advice for you is to "PLAN, PLAN, PLAN...COOK, COOK, COOK!" Both pieces of advice she claims should be done a week in advance. "Always have food made."

On a daily basis Shirley exercises, records all her foods, and thanks God for all the joys that she now has with her younger grandchildren now.

Since reaching her goal weight she has learned that she doesn't really need a lot of things that she ate before. Now, it's okay to be a little hungry and she mentions that she always had a 'swagger' in her walk and hips, but you just couldn't see it!! She is very excited about her health improvement: At nearly 63 years old, her body and organs are about 56-58 years old according to testing and opinions. Her muscles, strength, flexibility, and balance are all improving. She now has pride in her apperance!

Keep it up Shirley! You have been a pleasure to work with and you look Great!

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