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Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Dietetic Intern's Experience

Rachel Hadley is a dietetic intern who completed her 6 week Engagement Rotation at HNT while in the Purdue Coordinated Program in Dietetics. Below is a recap of some of her learning experiences and interesting moments while working at HNT!


"Being a dietetic intern I know the importance of health and weight management not only for myself, but also for my future patients. That's why I was very excited to have been placed at Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT) site for my Engagement Rotation. Let's face it, before this rotation at HNT I did not have a whole lot of experience with weight management, let alone behavior modification. Earlier in the year while doing my clinical rotation in a hospital, patients would often tell me they would like to lose some weight. I would say, 'Great!', and then quickly move the conversation on because I did not feel comfortable addressing it at that time. I now feel very excited about opportunities to discuss health and weight loss with individuals that I often bring it up myself. I owe all my knowledge learned to HNT and their wonderful staff.


The HNT program is really phenomenal when you think about it. The program has all the components that make it so successful: education, meal replacements, and professional and peer accountability. Each part of the program provides an aspect that enables the program and its' clients to be successful.


While working at HNT I learned many things that will help me professionally, but also in my general life as well. I have listed some of my favorite quotes and experiences below:

1. Foundation Class: Someone asked if water and ice tea were the same thing. Sheila answered, "If you take a white shirt and wash it in water what color would it be? If you take a white shirt and wash it in ice tea or diet coke what color would it be? They are not the same thing. Your body needs water." I will forever remember this quote because it made it so clear how important water was. Even though both water and unsweetened ice tea have zero calories, nothing beats the cleaning power of water.

2. Painting the Office Walls: While this does not pertain specifically to dietetics, it is a huge life skill I know I will need at some point. Before this experience I have never really painted a room. As you can imagine I learned a lot, such as to paint in a V. (I was painting straight up and down). I also learned how to properly close the paint can lid when you're done. If you have not come out to the Plainfield office to see it, you should. It looks great!

3. "You're the only person that can change you" is one quote that I have heard Roxanne say many times during class. This one is very important because it puts the decision making responsibility where it should be, on the client. Your Health Educator can tell you everything you need to do, but in the end you are the one who makes the decisions.

4. My favorite quote I heard Christina say is taken right from your notes; "Knowing does not equal doing, but doing equals success!" I love this one because it is so simple but so true!


As a closing note, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped make this experience as wonderful as it was. HNT is a great program because of everyone, the Health Educators, and especially the patients! A special thanks goes out to the Practice Class I taught on Wednesday. Thank you for helping to guide me; you're all great! Best life wishes to everyone I met and worked with while at HNT. Thanks for a great final rotation. I will miss you all!"