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Hurry...why weight?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl, Super Plan

The Super Bowl is in full swing here in Indianapolis! We are having a great time hearing about all the festivities downtown and patients who are getting the awesome opportunity to attend this event for the first time in Indy.  With all that comes the increasing number of opportunities to eat or overconsume whether it's in food or beverages.  The average person consumes 1,200+ during the game itself!  According to the National Chicken Council, 1.25 billion wings are estimated to be consumed and the U.S. Calorie Council has estimated 11 million pounds of chips to be consumed as well! Wow, that can be a lot of calories if you take part in that "average American" life style. 

We urge you to be different this year.  Don't be the "average American"  (60% of Americans) that statistics say are overweight or obese.  Be in the minority and plan for a successful and low calorie party! How?  First and foremost if you are using the Health One Meal Replacement (HOMR) you definately want to make that a priority.  Try making some recipes in advance to have stocked for the big game.  Chips made from the Creamy Potato Soup HOMR dipped in salsa easily mock the behavior of chip eating for a fraction of the calories.  Try the corn dog or mozzarella bites and end with some apple crisp for dessert. 

If you don't use the HOMR or need grocery store food recipes, we like how Hungry Girl swaps high calorie foods for lower calorie and still satisfying options.  Go HERE for her tips for swapping or HERE for great  lower calorie recipes.  Otherwise, keep lots of fruits and veggies on hand, limit alcoholic beverages, and stick to your regular meal plan as much as possible.  Oh, and do some activity during the commercials or time outs this will help balance a little of the food intake that may be more than usual. 

Last but not least, actually the most important, record keep whatever you eat! This is difficult to do, but if you do it you are truly being accountable to the actions that you are taking.  This will bring awarness to choices you may decide not to do after learning the calories.  It also helps you realize how much you eat events like this so you can plan for them in the future by banking calories or bumping up the physical activity. 

Whatever you do, have a plan that is Super otherwise you may be Super-disappointed when it comes to what you expect next week as far as weight loss goes!