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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Health One Meal Replacement Car Survival Kit

Many of our patients are busy and have hectic schedules as many Americans typically do.  Being organized and having a plan to be successful is something we think is important in life, but also important when you are making a lifestyle change.  

One important component to our program is meal planning.  Meal plans are set up individually, but most will utilize the Health One Meal Replacements    In order to be successful and organized some patients have used a Health One Meal Replacement Survival Kit.  This kit is comprised of the things necessary to be able to meet your meal plan requirements if you are in a bind or need a back up plan.  For example, you are traveling out of town and have packed for the allotted time, but then your car breaks down or you get stuck in traffic or are delayed an extra day.  This is when the "survival kit" really comes in handy, but it could also be very useful in ordinary situations too. 

A Health One Meal Replacement Survival Kit can be tailored to the individual needs.  Different people desire different flavors; therefore there is not a one-size-fits-all kit.  Here is a list of suggested items to have in your Health One Meal Replacement Survival Kit, but feel free to modify the list below to meet your needs!

  • A plastic shoe box container with lid (as seen below)-found under $5 at big box stores or even the dollar stores
  • 5-10 packets, variety of the flavors of the Health One Meal Replacement that you enjoy
  • 2-16 oz. bottled water
  • 3 plastic or foam disposable bowls
  • 10 disposable spoons
  • Blender Ball Bottle or another type of shaker to "blend" the meal replacement and water
  • Items for additives:
    • PB2
    • Mrs. Dash-to use as an additive
    • No Sugar Added Peach Cups
    • Sugar-Free Fat Free Pudding powder
    • extracts
    • other spices
    Plastic Shoe Box Container (Image Source)

 PB 2 Peanut Butter Substitute (Image Source)

Bottled Water (Image Source)
Blender Bottle or another type of shaker (Image Source)

Plastic or Foam Bowls (Image Source)

Plastic Spoons (Image Source)

Mrs. Dash Spices/Seasonings (Image Source)
No Sugar Added Peach Cups (Image Source)

Once you have your kit established, place it in your car or take it with you where ever you go.  That way if you are ever in a bind and need a meal you can whip out your kit and make the following:
  • A quick shake: 1 MR + PB2 or another additive (extract), pudding, etc. with 8 oz. water in blender bottle.  If a gas station is near, add ice!
  • A quick 1x1: Mix in disposable bowl with disposable spoon 1 MR + PB2 or another additive such as an extract or pudding, etc with water that makes a batter consistency. Eat uncooked OR find the nearest gas station and use their microwave for FREE! 1 minute in the microwave & you have a quick, hot meal.  
  • Peach Cobbler: Mix in disposable bowl with disposable spoon 1 Vanilla MR + the entire contents of one container of the 'no sugar added peach cups' until all is incorporated.  Microwave at a gas station for 2 minutes & sprinkle with cinnamon (if available in your kit).  

Be sure to keep your kit stocked regularly with the items you use most...this will ensure that you are not lacking something you need when the time comes!  Have you made a Health One Meal Replacement Survival Kit?  If so, we would love to hear what you have in yours.