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Friday, September 7, 2012

HNT Indiana Offers Meal Planning Class

Hello HNT Indiana Family!

We hope you all doing well and ready for cooler weather.  If you happen to be struggling in the area of meal planning and are in need of a "FALL FOCUS on Meal Planning", we have just what you are looking.  In October we will be doing a 5 week series lead by Registered Dietitian, Roxanne Standeford, on Meal Planning. 

The class is offered to those who are interested in a more detailed, individualized approach on how to meal plan with OR without the use of meal replacements for weight loss OR weight maintenance.  This class is available to ONLY those who have completed the first 20 week Foundation.  We want to reiterate that this class is NOT a Boot Camp and will focus specifically on Meal Planning (how to, macro & micro nutrients, making it easier, tips, etc).  We want to help you understand the importance of and how to meal plan whether your goal is to lose or maintain your weight.  

Here are the specifics:

The class will be on Tuesday evening at the Riverview Hospital (Our Noblesville Location).  Check in time for the class will be from 7-7:30 pm and the class will be 1.5 hours long (7:30-9pm).  We have a limited space in this class as we will only be taking 15 participants.   

Please let me know (rstandeford@hntindiana.com) if you have any more questions regarding this special "FALL FOCUS on Meal Planning" course that we are offering.  

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