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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Success Story Update-2 years later: Alex

We first blogged about Alex's success back in 2010 HERE.  Since it has been nearly 2 years without meeting with Alex we wanted to follow up with him to see how he was doing.  Here is what he had to say:

"When I was "in" the program [the first 20 weeks], I started biking as my exercise.  I started running in the spring of 2011 and haven't looked back.  I ran my first 5k that summer and fell in love.  I had gained back  some of the weight as I was eating not all the right foods all the time, but I still felt very healthy and I was exercising.  I ran the mini marathon in Indy this past May [2012] and was so proud.  I had sworn for years that I would never be a runner, and here I am running three times a week and loving every minute of it.  I actually enjoy going for a run.  I am currently training for my first marathon coming up in January at Disney.  My current weight is 32 pounds lower than when I started in 2010 (there is more muscle in there now with the adventure runs and lifting I've been doing). "
Alex after running his first mini marathon in Indianapolis, IN in May 2012
We are so proud of Alex and his accomplishments in the program and after the program.  We are excited to see what Alex does next with his improved physical ability, lower weight, and self confidence.  He seems to be on top of the world!

Friday, September 7, 2012

HNT Indiana Offers Meal Planning Class

Hello HNT Indiana Family!

We hope you all doing well and ready for cooler weather.  If you happen to be struggling in the area of meal planning and are in need of a "FALL FOCUS on Meal Planning", we have just what you are looking.  In October we will be doing a 5 week series lead by Registered Dietitian, Roxanne Standeford, on Meal Planning. 

The class is offered to those who are interested in a more detailed, individualized approach on how to meal plan with OR without the use of meal replacements for weight loss OR weight maintenance.  This class is available to ONLY those who have completed the first 20 week Foundation.  We want to reiterate that this class is NOT a Boot Camp and will focus specifically on Meal Planning (how to, macro & micro nutrients, making it easier, tips, etc).  We want to help you understand the importance of and how to meal plan whether your goal is to lose or maintain your weight.  

Here are the specifics:

The class will be on Tuesday evening at the Riverview Hospital (Our Noblesville Location).  Check in time for the class will be from 7-7:30 pm and the class will be 1.5 hours long (7:30-9pm).  We have a limited space in this class as we will only be taking 15 participants.   

Please let me know (rstandeford@hntindiana.com) if you have any more questions regarding this special "FALL FOCUS on Meal Planning" course that we are offering.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September is Food Safety Month!

Myth: "If I microwave food, the microwaves kill the bacteria, so the food is safe"

Fact: Microwaves aren't what kill bacteria - it's the heat generated by microwaves that kills bacteria in foods. Microwave ovens are great time-savers and will kill bacteria in foods when heated to a safe internal temperature. However, foods can cook unevenly because they may be shaped irregularly or vary in thickness. Even microwave ovens equipped with a turntable can cook unevenly and leave cold spots in food, where harmful bacteria can survive. 

Be sure to follow package instructions and rotate and stir foods during the cooking process, if the instructions call for it. Observe any stand times as called for in the directions. Check the temperature of microwaved foods with a food thermometer in several spots.

Check out FightBac.org for more myth busters and food safety education!

Monday, September 3, 2012

HNT RSP Weight Loss Success Story: Kevin

Kevin is a participant of the HNT RSP (Remote Support Program) and has agreed to let us share his amazing weight loss success story with all of you! Read below as he shares many details. 
My name is Kevin.  Through most of my life I’ve been heavy.  There have been stretches where I have lost weight & kept it off for short periods of time, but eventually the weight comes back and increases.
Everything came to a head about a year and a half ago.  Though I was very heavy, I was always able to manage through everyday activities.  Things started changing towards the end of 2010.  Tasks were becoming more difficult, stamina was decreasing.  After walking about ¼ mile my back would start seizing up and I would be winded.  I needed a rest.  I couldn’t even stand still for more than a few minutes before I needed to lean against something or sit down to ease the strain on my back and legs.

From the end of 2010 through mid 2011 I had unknowingly, because I rarely checked my weight, gained over 50 lbs.  Years ago, I had purchased a scale which measured up to 440 lbs. as a standard home scale reading up to 330 lbs. was showing ‘ERR’ (Error).  With physical issues mounting and the thought that I may have to start buying shirts larger than 5XL, I pulled the scale out to weigh myself.  I assumed my weight would be in the 400-420 range, where it had been mainly in recent years.  This time the scale greeted me with ‘OL” (Overload).  Now being that this was already a heavy duty scale, this was a bit demoralizing.  I was forced to weigh myself on the loading dock scale at work, making sure no one was around.  The scale read 468 lbs.
With other events occurring in my life, adding stress to the already decreasing health, I went to my doctor for a physical to get the full scope of how bad I had become.  The prognosis was increasing blood pressure, among other readings, and most likely I would be diabetic before years’ end.  Though many friends & family over the years had begged me to lose weight, I finally realized that something had to be done.  My doctor had previously worked with Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT) in the past and he got me in touch with them to enter the program.  The decision has changed my life.

Due to the timing of when I joined HNT, I entered the Remote Support Program (RSP).  HNT utilizes Health One Meal Replacements in conjunction with weekly group and one-on-one discussions about nutrition, fitness & behavior modification.
Through the program, with the help of the HNT staff, I was able to help identify bad habits I was employing, plus better ways to handle stress & refocus energy to other activities other than eating. 
I learned the importance of being active, understanding I didn’t have to be tremendous in the beginning.  In fact due to my size & health condition, in the beginning most activities were measured in 5 – 10 minute intervals, but keeping with it, the time & intensity quickly increased.  I found enjoyment in activity.  Found it was much better to think things through during a walk, rather than sitting on the couch eating & feeling worse afterwards.  I felt increased confidence & empowerment as I set goals & achieved them.

The Health One Meal Replacements were extremely helpful with my weight loss largely through their versatility as a product.  Not only can they be made into shakes or soups, but they can also be cooked or baked into others forms to add texture.  Plus the variety of flavors led to many different meal choices. 
The meal replacement formula also provides well balanced nutrition, so I felt satisfied after eating them and any cravings were minimized. 
Now about 15 months after entering the program I’m down over 250 lbs. and have a much better outlook on life.  Blood pressure and all other measures are back in the normal ranges.  I’m probably in better shape today in my mid-40’s than I was in high school or college.
I don’t dread being active; I’ll walk to the store instead of driving to it even though it was only a ¼ mile away.  I wake up in the morning energized, ready to take on the day.
I understand my journey is not over, but has only begun.  I look forward to meeting new challenges and to see where they will take me.
Kevin: BEFORE HNT (468 lbs)

Kevin NOW: Down 250 lbs!!

Kevin NOW: with his OLD pants!