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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decoding Whole White Wheat Bread

After discussion in one of our On-Going Practice classes at one of our Indianapolis locations this week, we decided to research "whole grain white bread".  The first place we went was the Whole Grains Council website as they are the experts on whole grains.  What we found was intriguing and exciting at the same time!

Turns out the whole grain white bread is made from a completely different strain of wheat (white wheat) than traditional wheat (red wheat).  They suggest calling it "albino wheat" as the bran of the white wheat is lighter in color (hence the lighter/whiter bread color).  In addition to the lighter/whiter color, the flavor is also more mild compared to red wheat which makes it more appealing to people.  As far as nutrition, 'experts consider them to be the same' since this white wheat contains all three components that form a whole grain: the germ, endosperm & bran.  

So, there you have it-go ahead and indulge in the whole grain white bread as often as you wish as it is nutritionally the same with fiber + whole grains as 'red wheat whole grain bread' & appeals to the texture of white bread lovers everywhere! Remember to always check the ingredient list for "100% whole grain" or "whole grain wheat flour" and avoid breads that are labeled with "enriched" or "bleached flour" as those are not whole grains.  

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For the complete Q+A about white wheat from the Whole Grains Council, click HERE.

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