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Monday, March 1, 2010

Success Story #1: Douglas & Denise

Doug and Denise started their journey with HNT in May of 2009 after attending an information session where he said "the honest approach was very refreshing". He even said that after the program was explained to them they were still skeptical, but they knew they could do it. After this week they will have completed 42 weeks with HNT where Doug has lost 122 pounds and Denise has lost 60 pounds.
When I asked them how long they had been thinking about trying to lose weight Doug said, "Weight management has been a lifetime battle". He went on to say that this was not his first weight loss attempt. "I had been somewhat successful at losing weight before, it was maintaining the weight loss that was difficult."
"I enjoy the group sessions and find that I learn something worthwhile every time. Even if the particular discussion does not interest me, or have any bearing on what I do, I still learn something. The meal replacements have become part of my daily life now and I find that it is even more convenient than fast food ever was. I also like all the Health Educators. I would not have been as successful without the coaching." Those statements represent why Doug enjoys HNT and how he keeps motivated on his weight management journey.
"First and foremost it is the weight loss. But as we have found out, knowledge is a very powerful tool in weight management. Application of knowledge has allowed us to have full control over our weight management. HNT has provided everything that we were missing before. We now have no excuses," said Doug and Denise when I asked them how their lives had been impacted by HNT.
Doug & Denise: BEFORE HNT

Doug & Denise: NOW!!

(Pictures courtesy of Doug & Denise, Carmel, IN)

Stay tuned for more HNT success stories at the beginning of each month to see what our patients have been up to!

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