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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HNT Contest Winners

The "What HNT means to me" contest has come to a close. Thank you to all who participated. There were many great statements to choose from which made it a difficult decision for Dr. Schultz and Hannah. Here are the top statements including:

Winner: Paul Larsen, HNT Indiana, Health Educator: Roxanne Standeford. "When I do HNT, I will be able to live the life I choose so that I can experience all that my life was meant to be."

1. Margarita Ferrari, HNT RSP, Health Educator: Tina Graves. "When I do HNT, I will take a journey to a new lifestyle so taht I can travel through life, with one less road block so that I can experience all this world has to offer."

2. Paula Berg, HNT Durango, Health Educator: Carol Mahoney. "When I do HNT, I will succeed because my health is my most important asset so that I can live a healthier, active, and vibrant life."

3. Karen Edwards, HNT Indiana. Health Educator: Sheila Henson. "When I do HNT, I will work at it with all my heart, soul, and mind so that I can break the cycle of obesity and obesity related diseases that are running rampant within my extended family."

4. Betsy Wilkerson, HNT Indiana. Health Educator: Christina Varvel. "When I do HNT, I will keep on doing and learning so that I can be a great role model for my kids."

Again, thanks to those who entered and for the overwhelming response to the contest.

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