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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be Frugal & Fit

Extreme couponing has become a crazy phenomenon since the new show "Extreme Couponing" aired on TLC a few months ago.  Couponing is not something that is new, but it does require skill.  There are a lot of coupons to be found that could be very useful in helping you save money while purchasing groceries, however, that doesn't mean that every coupon you have should be used!

Food coupons are often frozen or processed foods that if eaten in moderation can fit well into a balanced meal plan.  However, too much of the processed foods can begin to replace consuming adequate numbers of fruits & vegetables so you must be careful. Here are some tips on how to be frugal & still be fit and on your meal plan:

  1. Call or email all produce companies (Dole, Chiquita, Del Monte, etc) and let them know that you really enjoy their products, but that you never see coupons.  They will often send coupons periodically upon your request.
  2. Look in FREE store magazines for coupons on produce.  For example, the dietitans that work for Meijer publish a booklet every now and then & the booklet had coupons for prepackaged Dole Salad in July 2011
  3. Coupons.com has printable coupons & every now and then has fresh produce coupons.
  4. Local newspapers every now and then will have coupons for apple slices, bagged salads, melons, etc
  5. Always look for reduced priced items.  These items may need to be eaten with in a few days, but they can save you 50% or more! Most noted are the manager specials at Meijer & Kroger for their reductions in price on the already cut veggies/fruits or salad bowls. 
You probably aren't going to walk out of the store with an entire cart full of produce and lean meats for free, but you will be able to continue living the lifestyle that HNT has helped you to build & save a bit of money while you do it!


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