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Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Indiana Thanksgiving Special

We had a great time this year at our annual all Indiana HNT Holiday Special.  This year we discussed the topic of starting "New Traditions" and how important that idea is for leaving a legacy of good health.  We spent some time estimating the calories in 2 average Thanksgiving meals to provide insight on the amount of calories that are typically consumed during this time of the year.  We came up with 1 meal that was well over 2,000 calories and the other over 3,200 calories!!

After acknowledging the amount of calories in the foods we eat we discussed what New Traditions could be put in place.  Eliminating, Substituting, or Modification are 3 strategies discussed in relation to the foods or traditions that are in place around this Holiday Season.  Using one of the three when needed can save calories here and there an make it easier to maintain or continue to lose during a time when most people are gaining!

Here are a few pictures from the event:
HNT Indiana Staff: Chelsea, Sheila, Christina with Baby Kherington born 10.24.11, & Roxanne

Our patients estimated the calories in these 2 Holiday meals-mashed potatos, turkey, pie, noodles, casseroles, etc! One was roughly 3,200 calories & the other was around 2,300 calories.

Our 3rd annual clothing swap was a hit with tons of nice and gently used items to take home. Free shopping!

Best of all, enjoying the company of our patients. Some who traveled quite a distance to be at the Holiday Special.

Discussing "New Traditions"


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