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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Success Story #4

Mike's HNT Story

When approached to share his HNT story for the June Success Story, Mike was excited for the opportunity! He begins by stating that "the program is a life changer." He hopes his story will help others in the journey and that "it is a journey!" So let's take a walk in Mike's shoes on his journey of health and weight management.


Now that Mike is in his 50's and his boys are in college, he found himself not being able to do the fun things that they were doing due to his weight. "I looked into the mirror and knew that this is not the real me. I needed to get the weight off before both my boys were out of college and I missed valuable time with them." Another reason for losing weight was to feel better and prevent further health risks. He was previously on blood pressure medications and knew that if something didn't change now it would not get easier! He also wants to be around to see his grandchildren down the road and enjoy his retirement, "not just survive retirement!"


Mike tried to lose weight for 4 years. He had lost weight on a different program in 2003 but had gained it back in 2 years because he "never knew how to keep it off." He had participated in a meal replacement program before, but HNT increased his interest because of the education included with the meal replacements. Mike states, "I have tried Optifast, Nutrisystem, Adkins, South Beach, and Weight Watches over the years, losing weight with all of them but putting it back on again. He includes, "anyone can lose weight with meal replacements...but the key to long-term success is the education component that teaches you why you are overweight, how to lose weight, and most importantly, how to keep it off for life. I have found no other program that provides education and then on-going support and on-going education like HNT."


Mike joined HNT at the end of September of 2009. 34 weeks later, he has lost a total of 55 pounds! His goal is to lose 60 pounds, so he's only 5 pounds away! Mike has discontinued his use of medication, saving him $160 per month, and he feels 100% better. "I look better, feel better, and my self esteem and attitude is better. My staff at my office has repeatedly said that I look great...and that I seem so much happier and am more fun to be around and to work with."


Throughout this journey, Mike has learned and implemented many skills and strategies to contribute towards his success. He has learned calories in food, what he needs to eat, and how much to eat to lose or maintain his weight. Mike says, "I learned that it was a pretty simple formula that works well...calories in and calories out." He applies this formula into his daily life, and feels that this is the key to the HNT program; "teaching and supporting [the participants] as [they] integrate weight loss and long-term weight management into daily life." Mike is accountable to what he eats and how much physical activity he does by keeping records. Physical activity has become a daily part of his morning routine. "I have made them just a part of my life now. I have learned that if I don't keep track of what I eat, then I will overeat."


Mike has greatly enjoyed his classmates and weekly time with them. He says, "dieting is never fun but my class makes it something I look forward to. I am in Practice class now and there are people in my class that have lost 100 pounds plus, and the key is they have kept it off for several years, and they still come to class and still follow the principles taught to us in class." He contributes his success to the support and encouragement from his classmates and Health Educators.


Mike finishes by encouraging those reading to "just get started and do it! Everyone says, 'I am going to start tomorrow,' yet tomorrow never seems to arrive. Join HNT and they will support you and guide you through the process. The support of HNT and the educators and your fellow classmates that are all going through the same issues with you, make the process much easier. HNT teaches you to integrate weight loss and weight control into your lifestyle, so your life while different is not worse, just different, and the payoff is well worth the effort!"


"I am happier, healthier, have more money (less prescriptions), and am looking at life from a better perspective. Life is short. I don't want to waste a single day carrying 50 pounds of extra weight!"

Mike Before HNT

Mike NOW!!!

(Photos courtesy of Mike, Noblesville, IN)

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