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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

American Heart Month

February is not just Valentine's Day it's American Heart Month-a month dedicated to raising awareness to the leading cause of death in the U.S.-cardiovascular disease! Many deaths and risk factors that are associated with cardiovascular disease are preventable. Food choices have a huge impact on your heart health. To help prevent yourself from becoming one of the one in three adults who have some form of cardiovascular disease, here are some dietary intake tips:

  • Limit foods high in saturated or trans fats which both raise your 'bad' cholesterol (LDL)

  • Limit salt intake can help manage blood pressure to lower risks of a stroke or heart disease

  • Include foods high in Omega-3's like fish or olive oil

  • Include foods that are high in fiber which helps to lower the 'bad' cholesterol (LDL)

  • Include at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine

To find out where you stand go to the American Heart Association's website and "Get your Life Check" to see what you can do to improve your heart health!

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  1. Heart's month doesn't only mean lovers month. It also means heart's health awareness month. It reminds us that we should take care of our heart with the help of those tips. Thanks for sharing.


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