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Monday, June 6, 2011

Snacks for Weight Loss Success

Are you trying to lose weight, but you need snack ideas that won't counter act your snacks?  Most people don't only eat 3 times per day. It's more like a 2-3 meals and snacks in between to satisfy the appetite all day long. So, because this is 2-3 or more times per day it becomes important to choose healthy options to keep calories low while also holding you over to the next meal or snack. 

Here are some tips:
First, Always keep 3 kinds of snacks: fruit basket, cupboard, and refrigerator for convenience. 
The fruit basket should have any fruit you can imagine such as apples, oranges, grapes, pears, berries, etc.  Keep almonds, 100% whole grain English muffins, walnuts, dried fruit, popcorn, 100% whole wheat crackers and sunflower seeds in the cupboard. And, have on hand low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, salsa, low-fat yogurt, carrots, celery, hummus, low-fat deli meats, hard boiled egg white, low-fat milk. 
Second, choose from at least 2 of the 3 groups from above. This will ensure a variety of foods are eaten and that nutritional needs are being met. 
Finally, aim to keep snacks between 200-250 calories so that you can  have them frequently, if you choose, while still staying below your daily calorie allowance!

If you are always on-the-go, be sure to have your snacks divided up into 200-250 calorie amounts in baggies ready to grab as you run out the door.  If you don't have healthy options with you, the chances of eating something nutritious is slim to none.  Pack a cooler for snacks that need to be kept cool.  The extra 5 minutes spent planning and packing will help you shave off many
Some snack ideas for weight loss include:
-string cheese and an apple
-100% whole wheat crackers and hummus
-carrots with low-fat or light ranch dip and a hard boiled egg
-an ounce of almonds and 4 ounces of non-fat milk
-fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt

Be creative and come up with your own combinations that fit your taste buds. This way you will be satisfied with what you are craving!

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