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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USDA's New Look for Nutrition Recommendations: MyPlate

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new campaign last Thursday, which replaces the food guide pyramid. Back in 2005, when the dietary guidelines were released the MyPyramid.gov campaign was launched. It was an updated, more colorful version of the food guide pyramid that incorporated physical activity in the logo. Well this logo has been changed yet again with this new website Choose My Plate, which features a dinner plate with the five food groups. This new logo is still colorful and shows a visual of the recommended proportions for each food group at each meal. The physical activity component is no longer included.

The catch phrases are “Balancing Calories,” “Foods to Increase” and “Foods to Reduce.” This new logo is aimed at encouraging people to enjoy the food they are eating, but trying to eat less at each meal. This can be achieved through avoiding over sized portions. One of the goals is to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. The slogan, make half your grains whole was kept and switch to fat-free or low-fat milk products is also emphasized. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines also recommend lowering the amount of sodium people eat. Under the “Foods to Reduce” category people are encouraged to compare the amount of sodium in foods and choose the options with the lower sodium amounts. Choosing healthier beverages is a priority such as drinking water in place of sugary drinks. This is a rather simple new logo and hopefully with this simplicity comes increased awareness and assists people in making healthier options. Check out this updated website and share with us your feedback regarding this new campaign!

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