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Monday, November 21, 2011

Apps for Smart Phones that help with WEIGHT LOSS!

Do you have an iPhone or other kind of smart phone? If not, you might be a fraction of people that hasn't ventured into this well expanding trend and you may be missing out on some pretty sweet apps to help with your health and weight management.  Now that I have those of you disappointed that don't have smart phones, I'll let you in a secret...some of them have websites that do the same thing! Just create a page & voile you are ready to use!

1. My Fitness Pal : A great website OR app that can track calorie intake, foods you regularly eat, and exercise while giving you other tools that may be helpful along the way.

2. Run Keeper: A fitness app or website to help you track, measure and improve your fitness.  Great for figuring mileage around a path you typically run or just for tracking the number of minutes you do physical activity!

3. Our Groceries: An app that helps you plan and store your meal plan for the week.  It also allows you to create a shopping list and check off as you go through the store.  You can make multiple lists (ie. one for Walmart, one for Safeway, etc) OR you can use it for other lists (ie. questions for next doctor visit, to-do list, etc)

The great thing about the 3 listed above is that they are all FREE! Take advantage of resources you might already have.  Who knows, they may help you to improve your health and weight management.


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