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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Surviving Thanksgiving!

If you are like most people you have about 5 Thanksgiving events to go to: his moms, your moms, your sisters, your immediate family, your daughters, etc...not to mention work or church related get togethers! How to do you begin to survive all that food with out gaining weight? One word, planning. 

Planning is the first key to surviving any event with a lot of food.  I would suggest knowing what items the host is planning on having.  When you know the food options, it makes it easier to plan what fits in to your calorie budget.  If you determine that all the options are out of your calorie budget, then it's time for you to plan what your day or meal will look like.  Will you have meal replacements ready or make them when you get there?  Do you have the equipment (ie. oven, microwave, blender, etc)? Will you take your own food?  Maybe something lower in calories like a oven baked turkey breast salad.  No matter what your actual day/time/location plans are you have to have a MEAL plan that will work with your goals.

The second key to surviving any event is to stick to your plan that you developed in step 1! Figure out what it will take for you to follow through with your plan and plan that out too. 

Third, look up calories so that you are aware of how many calories stuffing (or dressing), sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, the rolls, the mashed potatoes have.  You would be surprised at the amount of calories you may see. 

Then, ask family and friends for support.  Ask them to bring vegetable dishes that aren't covered in sauces, butter, or glazes! Those things only add calories.  Serve gravy on the side to be able to choose how much you want to use. Make your dish contribution to the event one that supports your goals...think mixed fruit dish for dessert.

Last, listen to yourself.  You know what you need to do...now do it (or don't do it if it involves eating a whole pecan pie)!  

Look here for common calories of Thanksgiving foods.

Here is a list of Hungry Girl approved foods for Thanksgiving. Some great reduced calori ideas!

Enjoy the company of friends and family-those are tips on surviving Thanksgiving.


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