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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Success Story: John

John began his journey with HNT 28 weeks ago after being referred to the program by his personal physician.  He has lost a total of 80 pounds so far and says his biggest reward is feeling better, having more energy, and that he has been removed from a diabetic watch list! 

HNT was not Johns first attempt at weight loss.  In fact, he has been trying to lose weight for years and no other program has seemed to work for him.  His success and continued weight loss is what keeps him motivated with HNT's program.  John looks at food in a whole new way.  He watches what he eats and how often he eats while carefully counting calories-all strategies he credits to HNT.  His favorite part about HNT is the health educators.  He considers them all close personal friends and can rely on them when he has a question or concern. 

After completing the 20 week Foundation course He is continuing on in the program in order to reach his weight loss goal.  He is down 80 pounds and has about 40 left to go and says that he is having to buy new clothes to fit! His advice to anyone who would like to work on their health and weight: "Try it, you will like it.  Through the staff at HNT you will get a whole new outlook on life as a whole.  In other diet plans, you are limited to leadership once a week.  HNT staff are always there to talk to you and are the brightest and friendliest group of dietitians I have ever met."

John down 80 pounds after 28 weeks:

Great work John! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals-You're almost there!


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