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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Barbecuing Fun & Tips

  • Onions: trying burying an onion with a beef bouillon cube in the center, wrapped in aluminum foil in the coals for 1 hour. Yum...delicious way to savor an onion!
  • Try placing herbs like rosemary or dried basil on the coals at your next barbecue to flavor the food you are grilling.
  • Window cleaner sprayed on a warm grill will make for easier clean up.
  • Always use tongs to flip steaks...you don't want to puncture the steak and let all the flavorful juices run out.
  • Be good to your health: be aware that if fat from meat drips on a real barbecue charcoal briquette that a chemical reaction takes place that sends pyrobenzine onto the surface of the meat from the smoke.  This will produce a black or dark colored coating on the meat that should be scrapped off before eating to prevent cancer risk.  Otherwise...consuming a 12 oz. steak (which is not recommended!) will give you the same amount of cancer causing carcinogens as smoking 15 non-filtered cigarettes! If you're worried switch to gas or artificial charcoal.
  • Grills are great for veggies! Steam aluminum foil packs of your favorite veggies on the grill for a delicious side to your grilled meat.  Simply spray a piece of foil with a non-stick spray and add your seasoned vegetables, place on the grill and enjoy.

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