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Monday, July 25, 2011

Use the Grill: Shed Pounds

This article shows 4 ways to cut nearly 5,000 calories from your diet and help to maintain or lose weight by doing simple swaps.  The push is for people to forgo the restaurants and begin cooking at home to save calories.  The reason: restaurants grill, but they grill by adding fats (and thus calories) when cooking meats and other foods.  The difference? Our grills at home have grates and some of the fat is melted away in the cooking process, while restaurants use a 'flat grill' which doesn't allow for fat to melt away AND they ADD MORE FAT during the cooking process.  

One of the examples provided is switching On the Border Dos XX Tacos for Grilled Fish Tacos at home.  In this switch you will save money, but most importantly save calories going from the 2,150 in the restaurant tacos to 380 in the home grilled version! Visit this link to get the recipe and for other swaps to help you save calories!  

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