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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eating Right at Restaurants-Tips

1. Pack up 1/2 your meal to take home: portion sizes are HUGE these days & with larger portion sizes there are more calories

2. Appetizer: don't order. the traditional breaded (insert a breaded appetizer here-there are 3 million to choose from), instead order a side salad to start the meal off.

3. Skip the "freebies": chips, bread and bread sticks are common 'freebies' at restaurants, but don't be fooled...there's nothing about them that is 'free of calories'.

4. Limit or skip the bread and other carbs: opt for naked tacos or burrito, choose thin crust instead of thick crust, choose veggies instead of noodles, salad not sandwich.

5. Choose wisely or limit toppings: next cheese and the extra cheese on salads, soups, entrees, appetizers.  Select sour cream instead of butter for a baked potato.  Limit the number of non-veggie (croutons, cheese, meat, dressing, etc) when ordering a salad.


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