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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Health One Meal Replacements

The Health One Meal Replacement is a great tool used for weight loss in Health and Nutrition Technology's (HNT) health and weight management program.  There are 4 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry & potato soup that enable you to make virtually all foods! 

We know versatility in a weight loss program equals success whether its muffins, waffles, chips, shakes or soups- you are sure to find something that fits your palate.  After all, what food do you know of that provides 25% of your nutritional needs for all vitamins and minerals, contains 15 grams of protein per serving and has only 160 calories?  Nada!

To see how to cook with the Health One Meal Replacement, visit our YouTube Channel.  For more information on how to lose weight and maintain proper nutrition, contact us or comment below.

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  1. HNT has created the best blend of a excellent, low-calorie food alternative, Wellness One, with a highly effective way of life and health program.


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