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Monday, October 17, 2011

Traveling & Need Weight Loss Tips?

One of our patients is traveling to a wedding this weekend that is out of state & wanted to make sure she could be successful while out of her normal routine.  We always want to make sure that patients have the tools and strategies in whatever situation they encounter.  Here are the short tips we recommended for her travels over the weekend:

1)      For the ride: Pack a cooler with fruits and veggies and pre-made Health One Meal Replacements

2)      For the ride: Have a list of 5 restaurants that you feel comfortable with options that will keep you on track with low calories & good nutrition.  This way there is not a chance of “going off your plan”

3)      At the reception: choose wisely and steer clear of veggies in sauces/mixtures of some sort which typically contain butter, and other high fat high calorie additives.  Don’t add extra fat or calories if you don’t have to (ie. Don’t cover meat with gravy).  Choose a small piece of dessert, not the whole thing.  Next the rolls or other appetizer type foods that aren’t filling.  Find the fruits & veggies (if there are any…oh wait there should be some in your cooler! ) Drink as much water as possible and set an adult beverage limit (and calorie limit) Know which drinks are the ‘cheapest’ calorie-wise and stick to a minimal number. 

4)      Record keep no matter what you have…if you don’t eat it-its easier because you don’t have to write it down! Know the calories before you eat it & be prepared to make lots of conscious decisions!

What do you do to be successful when you travel?


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