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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Indiana Weight Loss Success Story: Andrew

Andrew started the program in February of 2012 weighing 340 pounds.  The rest of this post is made up of Andrew's actual responses to questions we asked him. 

When I asked Andrew how long before joining HNT was he thinking about losing weight he said, "Actually not long. I had never spent any time considering my health. I was always pursuing learning new things and improving my life in other ways, but my weight was the one thing I had never focused on. It was long overdue."
Andrew had dieted in a self directed way years before. It was brief and ineffective. More malnutrition than anything else. Just before joining HNT he had reached a low point physically. He turned 25 only a month before starting the program and it became apparent that his youth was the only thing keeping him in good health. At his size it was only a matter of time. He didn’t like that throughout his life he had no control over his weight and decided that it was time to take control.
I asked Andrew what made him want to join HNT and what made him continue with HNT throughout the 20 week program.  This was his response.  "I like that I could see how it worked. The science behind it is real and the people running the program are licensed dietitians. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix or an empty promise. I wanted a program with proven efficacy and I found it in HNT. It hasn’t always been easy, but with dedication and effort I’ve seen great results. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I’m not done yet. Not even close. I like that with equations we learned in the first few weeks I’ve been able to predict my weight loss week to week and with some accuracy much further into the future. As long as their are still successes ahead I’m going to stick with it."
His biggest reward from improving his health and weight is that the "nagging feeling that he wasn't doing enough was gone".  It was always there reminding him. He says that feeling is gone!  
"HNT has given me control over an aspect of my life that had become a runaway train. The impact of that cannot be underestimated."

Andrew's biggest lifestyle change has been daily exercise. He says, "It’s only an hour on an exercise bike at a not all that fast speed in front of a TV, but the consistency of it has had noticeable effects". He implements daily record keeping too and encourages anyone else in the program or looking to lose weight to, "Do the math. A lot of people scoff at at the equations, but I attribute a great deal of my success to keeping accurate records. The confidence that I get from knowing exactly where I have been and where I am going gives me strength". Andrew is right, record keeping is one of the most important strategies that has been proven in research over and over again for those able to lose and maintain their weight!

These are Andrew's words of encouragement to you: "The most important thing is measuring your calorie input/output. Don’t weigh yourself everyday. Stay on track and don’t let fluctuations bring you down."
Andrew NOW & Andrew Before! Down 117#'s and counting in his 33rd week in the program.
Keep up the hard work Andrew! We are all rooting for you!

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