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Friday, October 26, 2012

Get Lasting Weight Loss Results in Indianapolis, IN

Health & Nutrition Technology (HNT-Indiana) has assisted more than one thousand individuals here in central Indiana in the past decade. We have been blessed to be a part of many changed lives … all starting with weight loss. Shirley is one of the blessings we are delighted to highlight.
What constitutes improved health for one person may not be the same for another. Hence, we make no guarantees, but with repeated and sustained results year after year of an average weight loss of 17% in the first 20 weeks we can confidently say many are finding their own benefits. Having started in September 2009, Shirley reached her goal weight of 24% loss at week 43. She continues to enjoy the benefits afforded her by maintaining this new lifestyle now three years later. She not only lost weight, but had blood pressure medications decreased by more than 50%. She is no longer using a sleep machine! She is actively involved in life: Family and Friends have noted her enthusiasm for Zumba as one form of physical activity she now enjoys. Read more about Shirley HERE.
Shirley Before
Shirley After
To view the improved health  journey of  other successful participants visit any one of our Facebook sites: HNT Indiana, Health One MealReplacement, Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT)-Weight Management.
Or better yet make it your personal journey of improved health starting with HNT. Health and Nutrition Technology is a nationally recognized, medically supervised health and weight management program. The professional staff provides a comprehensive approach to health by integrating behavior modification classes along with individual support and caring. 

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