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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Choose Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs?

Health & Nutrition Technology (HNT-Indiana) opened in October 2002 under the medical and program directorship of Dawn Ayers MD-endocrinology and Sheila Henson RD.  Dr. Ayer’s reputation as a phenomenal physician who cares for her patients with compassion is as true today as when we opened 10 years ago. To know her as Dawn or Dr. Ayers is one in the same.  

Dr. Ayers recognized the need for an effective weight management program in the Indianapolis Area. She had aspirations to offer a non-surgical medical option to her patients beyond standard commercial or support programs. Thus it was an ideal fit to team up such a well-known and respected medical provider in conjunction with the proven behavior modification program in HNT. The result: the need of providing safe rapid and effective weight loss is being met—consistently! The average weight loss is 17% in the first 20 weeks; maintained at one, two and three plus years out. 

The entire team consists of four dedicated Registered Dietitians specializing in the field of obesity management. Having grown over the years there are various central Indiana locations: Monday evenings at Carmel St Vincent Professional Bld suite 275; Tuesday evening at Riverview Hospital 4 TCU classroom; Thursday evening at Community Health North 7250 Bld suite 100; Thursday evening at American Health Network in Peru, IN; and week days and Tuesday evenings at our home base 1201 E Main St suite B, Plainfield, IN. 

An average weight loss of 50 lbs is life changing. Our approach includes medical supervision as is appropriate per individual needs. Every participant is involved in the behavior modification process whether they have 25 or 250 lbs to lose. We utilize a restricted caloric meal plan incorporating Health One meal replacements. This versatile tool allows individuals to accomplish their health and weight goals. Exceptional nutrition is obtained with 125% of all RDIs, 75g protein, in approximately 1000 calories with variety and flexibility in cooking, and continued use for as long as they wish.  

We are proud to offer Health & Nutrition Technology, medically supervised weight loss, as a viable, safe, rapid, and effective approach to a very difficult reality for much of our nation and fellow Hoosiers.  If you are ready to change your life call us, Sheila Henson RD, Christina Varvel RD, Roxanne Standeford RD, Karen Hartung RD and Dawn Ayers MD at (317) 489-4817 or visit www.hntindiana.com.  

Sheila Henson RD, Program Director
 Dawn Ayers MD, Medical Director

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