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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't Ignore the Calories in Fruits & Vegetables

A recent study in the Obesity Journal provided either solid fruits/vegetables or fruits/vegetables in juice form to the study participants (half the participants were lean and half were overweight/obese).  After 8 weeks of consuming the solid fruits/vegetables the lean participants compensated for the extra food by cutting other foods out of their diet and gained no weight while the overweight/obese participants given solid fruits/vegetables did not compensate and gained 4 pounds.  When the participants were given the same amount of calories (roughly 20% of total intake for the day) in juice for 8 weeks, the lean participants gained 3.5 pounds and the overweight/obese participants gained 5 pounds!

Concluding evidence that solid fruits and vegetables or fruits and vegetables in whole form are better for weight maintenance or weight loss than juices.  However, if extra calories are not compensated for-even from whole fruits and vegetables- weight gain is probable.  What does this mean?  If you eat too many calories from fruits and vegetables or anything that is 'good' for you, you could potentially gain weight.  Key point....Calories Matter....so make sure you are counting them!

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