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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Food {Grocery Store Style}

On-the-go and need some fast food?  Why not stop at the local grocery store instead of a fast food establishment?  Make a quick trip in and out spend the same or less & get great nutritious food to eat.  Need some examples for a quick visual....? Think about single serving things that you can buy and eat easily while in the car or out and about. 

Here are some ideas:

1. Single cup yogurts
2. A piece of fruit-remember you can buy 1 banana or 1 apple if you would like to, the bags are just there if you are shopping for the entire week!
3. A pack of no sugar added or "in it's own juice" fruit cup or applesauce.  These won't go bad if not refrigerated!
4.  On-the-go tuna salad packages-open and make, but don't add all the mayo and relish & that will save you a few calories
5. Buy a few slices of deli meat and a slice of low-fat cheese and have a meat/cheese roll up.  Who said you had to buy a full pound of meat?
6.  Single serving carrot & celery packs with dip-found in the produce section-while they may be more expensive than a giant bag of carrots or a whole celery stalk you are paying for convenience.
7. Of course, pre-prepared Health One Meal Replacements are great too!

Now that you have a few ideas, there is no excuse for stopping at that fast food establishment! Don't let it ruin you meal plan.

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