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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Health One Meal vs. McDonalds Value Meal

Every now and then we get a person who thinks that the meal replacements we use in our medically supervised weight loss program are expensive and "not worth the cost".  According to the USDA the cost of a day's worth of food eaten by the average American is at or above the cost of Health One Meal Replacements (HOMR) for one day. In addition, a CBS news poll showed that nearly 25% of people eat out at a fast food establishment at least once per week and are spending a lot per meal for junk.

Enter...a healthy option in the HOMR, designed to reduce calorie intake while providing all the nutrition that you need (100-125% of your daily needs).  The HOMR is proven for weight loss and reducing/stabilizing blood sugars.  A perfect meal-considering 78 million Americans are obese and over 10% of adults 20+ years old have diabetes.
Lets compare the HOMR to two very popular McDonald's Fast Food value meals: the double cheeseburger meal and the Big Mac meal.
Big Mac Value Meal (cost with Large diet drink $5.33)
Big Mac:
550 calories
29 gm total fat
970 mg sodium
25 gm protein
Medium French Fry:
380 calories
19 gm total fat
270 mg sodium
Totals for the Big Mac Value Meal:
880 calories
48 gm total fat
1240 mg sodium
25 gm protein
Image Source
Cheeseburger Value Meal (cost with Large diet drink $3.19)
300 calories
12 gm total fat
680 mg sodium
15 gm protein 
Medium French Fry:
380 calories
19 gm total fat
270 mg sodium
Totals for the Cheeseburger Value Meal:
680 calories
31 gm total fat
950 mg sodium
15 gm protein
Image Source
Health One Meal Replacement Shake (cost is < $3.19)
Blueberry Lemon shake
190 calories
1 gm total fat
310 mg sodium
15 gm protein
25% of RDI's for vitamins and minerals

Image Source
 When the comparison is made, the value in the Health One Meal Replacement stands out as it is cheaper, but provides 25% of RDI's for all vitamins and minerals, 15 grams of protein, and less total fat and less sodium than the popular McDonald's value meals shown here. We are very proud of our weight loss/weight maintenance meal replacement that we can provide in our programs. 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about the cost, both in the pocketbook and our health. I will remember this each time I buy a box of MRs and know I'm doing what's right for my budget and my health.


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