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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indianapolis Area Health & Wellness Fairs

Health is our #1 priority for our weight loss patients, but we also promote health for those who are not our patients.  Awareness is a very powerful tool when it comes to achieving and sustaining optimal health because without awareness it is not possible to have optimal health.  Awareness simply means "having knowledge of".  If you don't have "knowledge of" your health then you are not aware. 

A great, inexpensive way to become aware of your health status is to attend a health and/or wellness fair.  Many times they will offer free screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, skin cancer, bone density, etc just for attending.  These screenings are one way to make awareness and therefore health a priority.  The Indianapolis area has a few health and wellness fairs on the calendar already and those are listed below.  Some make you pre-register others do not.  Check out the information necessary to make your health a priority.  If you don't know it's "under the weather" or broken, you can fix it or prevent it from becoming broken! Take your health in your hands today!

Saturday 1/19/2013
Women's Health & Wellness Event: Riverview Hospital, Noblesville
8:00 am-12:00 pm
Women's Pavilion (Entrance #11)
To register call: 317-776-7999

*FREE Screenings at the event include: cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure; skin cancer; pap screening
*Additional screenings (not FREE) include: dexa bone density screening, CT calcium heart scan, screening mammogram

For more information on the event: click HERE

Saturday & Sunday 4/27-28/2013
WTHR Health & Fitness Expo: Indiana State Fairgrounds Expo Hall
Click here to stay tuned for all the details. 

Saturday & Sunday 4/27-28/2013
LAC Women Expo:  Castleton Square Mall
Click here to stay tuned for all the details.

Look for the dates TBA for these fairs that have been in the Indianapolis area in the past:
-Women, Wisdom & Wellness Fair Presented by St. Vincent Women's Services and hosted by WFYI
-St. Vincent Carmel Hospital Women's Event (FREE to attend)
-Indiana Latino Health Fair
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